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Supplements that improve eye health


Eye health is an important thing for me. I generally have poor vision and need to wear contact lenses. But in addition to that, my eyes often itch, and several times, I have had some minor eye diseases such as Iritis. Such conditions could lead to blindness unless treated promptly.

For these reasons, I have become quite focused on eating the right foods and taking the right supplements to improve eye health. Here are the supplements that have helped me the most to date.

1. Bilberry
This supplement is famous for its positive effects on eye health. I have been taking 2 pills a day, and the cases of inflammation in my eye have gone down drastically as a result. I will continue to take these supplements for the rest of my life.

2. Vitamin A
This vitamin is perhaps the best known vitamin which is reported to improve eye health. It's cheap and can be purchased almost anywhere. I prefer to take Beta Carotene since it's harder to overdose when you get Vitamin A in this form. If you already take a multivitamin, check the label because you may already be getting a sufficient amount of Vitamin A.

3. Carrots
Of course, getting your vitamin A through food is preferable to just popping a supplement. If you like carrots, make them a regular part of your diet. Carrots can also be great snack foods. I like to dip them in ranch dressing or put peanut butter on them for a tasty snack I can have any time of the day.

4. Astaxanthin
Astaxanthin is considered by many people to be the ultimate antioxidant. You'll probably have to order this supplement online as it's not that widely available at regular grocery stores or drug stores. They also tend to be a bit pricey, so make sure you buy from discount vitamin stores and use coupons if you can find any online.

As I mentioned earlier, I use contact lenses, and when you do, it's important to take certain precautions to maintain the healthiest eyes. I like to wear daily disposables, as these are the lenses that allow your eyes to breathe the most. Unfortunately, they can be quite expensive, so I buy my contact lenses online at a store called Lens.com. I like this store because it offers low prices and you can even find Lens.com coupon codes from http://couponleaf.com/lens-com-coupon/ to secure additional discounts on your order.

To summarize, take supplements and mind your diet to make sure you're getting the proper nutrients for ideal eye health. If you wear contacts, opt for the soft contact lenses that allow your eyes to get the most oxygen. If price is an issue, buy them online and use coupons when you can to get the best deals possible.

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