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Some deals on contact lenses that I found recently

justlensesAs any contact lens user knows, contact can be pricey when compared to glasses. Not only do the eye exams cost more, the contacts themselves also run you at least $200 – $300 a year. On top of that, you have the cost of contact lens cases, saline solution and other ancillary costs.

But it’s all worth it, since quite frankly, you can see so much better with contacts. I find the extra cost to be worth every penny.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t look for ways to save a few bucks when I order my contact lenses. This is exactly what I do to get the best deals.

First, I search for the best price at online stores like Lens.com and AC Lens. Currently, I am finding that Lens.com offers the cheapest prices for the lenses that I wear. Different stores offer different prices for each brand, so you’ll need to do a bit of searching to find the store that has the best prices for your brand of lenses.

Next, I go to a search engine and look for coupons that I can use. In my case, I type in “Lens.com Coupons” into Google. This brings up a list of literally hundreds of sites that currently offer a Lens.com coupon. After going through some of these sites, I would find a good coupon to use that hasn’t expired. Alternatively, you can just go to this link for the most current promotional codes.

Finally, I place the order. I always make sure my order is large enough so that I get free shipping.

By doing these things, I’m able to get my contact lenses much more cheaply than most people do. I suggest you follow these steps as well if you use contact lenses to get the best deals available. For other great online deals on contacts, go here.

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