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My quick review of Gotomeeting and Deluxe

I’m always looking for ways to streamline my business. I generally explore three avenues to optimize my business: 1) Ways to save money, 2) Ways I can save time, and 3) Ways to be more productive. I must say that Web conferencing is one way that I achieve all three. Many times, business associates and clients want to meet face-to-face. While there is definitely a time and place for in-person meeting, I have found that at least half the time, you can accomplish just as much, if not more, by arranging a Web-based meeting. This is beneficial to me because:

- There is no need to travel to the meeting spot. This saves me time and money.
- I can more easily share what’s on my main computer, without dealing with the hassle of transferring files to my Laptop or other mobile device.
- If I’m not available for a given meeting, it can be recorded, and I can thus “catch up” later.

gotomeeting prices

My favorite web conferencing tool at the moment is Gotomeeting, and it seems I’m not alone. Everyone seems to be using this program. Every time I sign up for a web seminar, more often than not, the seminar organizers are utilizing Gotomeeting as their software of choice.

The reason I prefer the program is because it’s easier to pick up than other conferencing tools I’ve tested, and it is easily scalable. You can start out with plans that go for just $19 a month, and later upgrade to plans that allow you to hold Web seminars with 1000 attendees. In addition, it has a lot of neat features such as the ability to share your screen, change presenters, record meetings, etc. Organizing meetings is also just a matter of a few clicks if you you use this program. But don’t take my word for it – Check out the 30-day free trial offer from Gotomeeting and see for yourself.

Next, I'd like to take a look at Deluxe, a company that has made a name for itself providing checking products. Today, their products have become quite diverse, including things like high-security checks, envelopes, logo services, and websites. But in all likelihood, you'll continue to use Deluxe primarily as a source for checks. Pricing at Deluxe isn't the cheapest, but I've discovered that you can get some really good discounts for Deluxe by using online coupon codes. I have not tried the company's other products, but can tell you that their checking products are second to none in terms of quality.

I hope you consider using both Gotomeeting and Deluxe for your small business to become more effective and also save time and money.

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