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Is chemistry.com better than eharmony?

I’ve observed that there are the standard dating sites as well as dating sites that put a special emphasis on matchmaking. The matchmaking oriented dating sites typically focus on using personality traits and psychological research to match you up with other people you are highly likely to be compatible with. The two most well-known websites in this category are eHarmony and Chemistry.com. So which one is better?

There is no doubt that eHarmony is the more famous website among the two. It is also the larger of the two sites, with millions of members. In most cases, I would recommend eHarmony, but there are a couple drawbacks.


eHarmony is more expensive
On the monthly plan, eHarmony costs 10 dollar more per month. You can, however, use online dating promo codes and coupons to get a better deal
eHarmony does not accept all applicants
There are a small portion of people who are turned away by eHarmony because their personality is such that they are not compatible with the eHarmony matching system

For people who are turned away from eHarmony, using Chemistry.com can be an easy choice, since it is pretty much the only other game in town. It is important to know, however, that Chemistry.com uses a different set of research as the basis for its matching system. While eHarmony relies on the research of psychologist Neil Clark Warren, Chemistry.com uses the research of noted anthropologist Helen Fischer. Both have devoted a lot of time and effort to unraveling the science behind compatibility and attraction. However, it’s impossible to say whose research will work better for you.

I recommend getting a free trial of both services. eHarmony does not offer a free trial as such but you can get a trial of eharmony.com by clicking here.

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