Benefits of Getting the Best San Jose SEO services

San Jose is one of the fastest-growing regions in the United States. Located close to Silicon Valley, the region is known for its entrepreneurship. It is also known for the many businesses that are located there. As a business in San Jose, having a good website is almost mandatory. Mandatory because of the competitive nature of the region. In this article, we will look at some of the top reasons for getting good San Jose SEO services.

Beat Your Competition

The top reason why you need to hire a good SEO company in San Jose is to beat your competition. This is simply because many companies that you compete with are already using the internet. You have likely seen technology giants like Amazon start taking a share from your company. Therefore, you should do the best that you can to have a website that is ranked top on Google. 

Slash Your Marketing Cost

Marketing costs are some of the biggest costs your business will have. As competition increases, the cost of marketing is increasing as well. Therefore, search engine optimization is the best strategy to help you slash these costs. Studies have shown that companies that appear on top of Google tend to have lower marketing costs. Therefore, since you want to grow your margins, ensure that you invest in quality San Jose SEO services.

Additional Services

Most companies that offer SEO services also offer other services. It is common to find these companies offer services like website design, application design, search engine marketing, and social media marketing. As such, you can have a company that does all this at a fixed rate. This company will help you get multiple services at a lower cost. As it does this, you will be focusing on running your business.

In conclusion, it is important that you take time to research before you find a good SEO company. This is simply because there are so many local and international companies that offer these services. As such, you want one that is very good. Take time to look at the ranking of these companies.

Qualities of Good San Jose website design

All businesses want to succeed. In recent years, many companies in San Jose have found themselves in trouble. This is because their industries have been disrupted. Companies like Amazon have disrupted small companies that sell products to consumers. Netflix has disrupted companies like Blockbuster while Uber has disrupted the taxi business. Therefore, having a good website is a defensive thing for you. In this article, we will look at some of the best qualities of a good San Jose website design.


One of the most important things that people are looking at these days is security. This is because of the increased number of security lapses that have happened. We have all heard about websites that have been compromised. Therefore, we recommend that you take time to ensure that your website is well optimized for security. You can use security products from the likes of Cloudflare and Verisign.

SEO Optimized

As a website owner, you want people to take note of it. You want people to find it. You can have the best-designed website and it will be useless because people simply can’t find it. This is simply because it is not optimized for Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. Therefore, ensure that your website is optimized well. This will include having things like optimized images, optimized videos, and optimized content. You can get a good SEO San Jose company to do this for you.

Shopping Cart

If you sell products, you should ensure that your website has a shopping cart. The cart helps the users be able to make a purchase directly from your website. In the past, having a cart in the website was a very difficult thing because it involved a lot of coding. Today, things have changed because you don’t need to be experienced in coding to do the work. You can use the best shopping cart products like Shopify, Big Commerce, and Woo Commerce.

Finally, you need to ensure that your website is simple, responsive, and easy to navigate. A responsive website is one that adapts well to mobile and desktop platforms. Google prioritizes such websites because most people are using their mobile devices and computers to surf the web.

How to Check Whether Your Website is Optimized for SEO

As a business in San Jose, you probably know the importance of having a website. You know that a website can help you grow your company by double or triple digits. So, you have talked to a San Jose SEO services company that has promised to optimize your website. How do you know whether the site has been optimized? In this article, we will look at some of the main tips for finding whether your website has received the optimization.

Search for the Keywords

The most basic thing to do is to check whether your focused keywords have been optimized. This means that you should just go to Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and other search engines and search whether your keywords are appearing on the front page. If they are not, it probably means that the SEO specialist did a bad job. This is because you have paid them a lot of money and seen weak performance.

Audit Your Website

If you find your keywords ranking high, you can stop there. If they are not, you need to do more searches that will help see whether the expert did anything. First, look at whether they have optimized your site to become responsive. Google has always recommended websites that appears well on both desktops and mobile devices. Therefore, you should first take time to look at whether your website is optimized well for mobile devices. Google has a tool that is known as Mobile Friendly Test that will tell you whether your site is mobile friendly.

Second, look at whether your website is secure. Because of how important security is, you should take time to look at whether your site is secure. Remember, you may have the best website and Google will not rank it if it finds that the site is insecure. There are many free tools that you can use to find out whether the site is secure.

Third, look at whether the site is fast. Google takes speed very seriously and it tends to rank fast websites higher. You can check whether the site is fast by using speed test tool.